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Personal Trainer supporting people to exercise before, during and after cancer treatment and giving yourself the best chance to rehabilitate

Katharine’s PT sessions were absolutely essential for me, she worked to improve my strength and flexibility after breast surgery and her exercise plan massively helped minimise the side-effects of chemotherapy

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Benefits of exercise before, during and after cancer treatment

Before any treatment for cancer you really want to be in the best shape you can be to help with the tolerance of treatment, improve physical function and reduce post-operative complications. 

During treatment for cancer, patients tend to lose cardiovascular and muscular fitness and although sometimes the advice is to rest, current evidence supports the recommendation and the importance of exercise during treatment. It has been proven that exercise during chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy increases fitness levels, fatigue levels aren't affected, anxiety levels are reduced and decreases body fat which is encouraged as weight gain is common in cancer treatment. 

After cancer treatment, exercise has been proven to significantly lower fatigue levels, improve mental health and control body weight. 

Exercise at any stage of cancer treatment can have a big impact on short term and long term health, alongside other lifestyle and behavioural changes. You can read more about the exercise benefits in this

Macmillan Physical Activity and cancer review


About Katharine

Katharine has been a Personal Trainer for the last 10 years in Tunbridge Wells and surrounding villages. Katharine has achieved various sporting achievements including seven marathons, Mount Kilimanjaro climb and various sea swims including a solo swim around Jersey. This variety of physical challenges has allowed her to support a variety of people through their training to reach their goals and gives her genuine delight when people strive for something out of their comfort zone. As well as training the general population, she specialises in Cancer rehabilitation and pre/post natal exercise. 

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Level 4 Cancer and Exercise rehabilitation with Canrehab

  • SafeFit Instructor with Macmillan Cancer Support 

  • First aid qualified

  • DBS checked

  • Insured with UK Coaching


  • Mobile service coming to your home with any equipment needed for your programme

  • Exercise consultation in your home or in Tunbridge Wells 


Studies have shown that physical activity levels tend to reduce significantly after cancer diagnosis and remain low for many years after treatment is completed. From this low baseline there is great scope for exercise interventions to improve the health and well-being of patients with cancer.

Personal training session

Exercise consultation

Before the first session Katharine will screen to identify what type of exercise is appropriate for you and what will aid your treatment and rehabilitation. 


Katharine will carry out: 

Cardiovascular tests 

Muscular strength and endurance

Testing of flexibility and joint range of motion reduced from surgery and/or radiotherapy

Functional status of client, what day to day tasks can be carried out with ease and what tasks are tricky

Personal exercise sessions  

We screen to identify what type of exercise is  Katharine will create and deliver a personalised exercise programme for you to be carrying out before, during and after your cancer treatment. These regular exercise sessions will be at your home (10 mile radius of Tunbridge Wells) and you will be encouraged to carry out exercise outside of your sessions (provided by Katharine) to really benefit from the addition of exercise and movement to your weekly activities. 

The Exercise consultation must be carried out before Katharine can work with you regularly and following that you can book weekly, bi-weekly or once a month sessions. 

Personal exercise session - £50 

(monthly and block packages also available)

"Katharine gave me the confidence to use weights again after my breast cancer surgery and radiotherapy.  The exercises that Katharine showed me have helped with my recovery."
Katharine’s PT sessions were absolutely essential for me when I was going through chemotherapy for breast cancer. She brought such a positive focus to this difficult time. Her calm, kind and fun approach combined with her ability to push and challenge me helped keep fit me whilst going through treatment. She worked to improve my strength and flexibility after breast surgery and her exercise plan massively helped minimise the side-effects of chemotherapy . Thanks to her I managed to complete a marathon-length coastal walk 4 days after finishing chemo.
"After a year of chemo and radiation treatment, Katherine was amazing helping me getting my body back moving again. She was both understanding, patient and kind with regard to what I could and couldn't do.  And a huge support in helping me on the road to recovery."

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